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Top 7 Credit Repair Companies

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A credit score is a fragile thing. Taking on debt to fund big-ticket purchases is common among Americans. Many Americans find themselves in a delicate balancing act to manage their debt and income every month. Shifts in the economy and interest rates in the wrong direction leads to difficult situations and shortage of funds.

Missing a credit card payment, loan repayment, or store card payment shows up on a person's credit report. However, it's not the only reason why an individual's credit score falters. Identity theft may occur too.

The following are the top seven credit repair companies that help consumers become credit-worthy again. Plus, we added three credit monitoring companies and a way to receive your credit report for free.

Credit Repair Providers


Credit Saint

  • Best for:

    Overall Customer Experience

    Credit Saint

  • Best for Overall Customer Experience

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    • Helps to Repair Credit in 6 Months

    • Varied Services to Choose From

    • BBB Accredited with Money Back Guarantee

    Credit Saint receives the best overall score among the credit repair companies. In business since 2004, the credit repair company has fixed millions of errors for clients. On average, it takes credit removals six months to reflect on the report. While the team works, clients pay a monthly fee. CreditSaint offers three plans: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate. Lets taker a deeper look at the programs.

    Credit Polish. Services include are: Challenges to all three credit bureaus, score analysis, creditor interventions, score tracker, and up to 5 inaccurate report challenges per dispute cycle.

    Additionally, clients receive an online account to track progress made on their behalf. Credit Saint aims to tackle foreclosures, repossessions, incorrect late payments, bankruptcies, and charge-offs. The team explains to clients the length each can remain on a credit report. Their job is to dispute the ones that still reflect on the report after the statute of limitations. Also, the incorrectly reported ones.

    Credit Saint offers the Credit Polish as a part of their other higher-tier plans. The service begins with creating an account for the client. Next, a team member goes over the client's credit report with them. The last step before the work begins involved the team member educating the client. They go over strategies to open and close credit lines. They also go over the importance of paying bills on time, among other techniques.

    Price: $79.99 per month plus $99 initial fee + sales taxes where applicable

    Credit Remodel. Includes services from the Credit Polish package plus: up to 10 inaccurate report challenges per dispute cycle, inquiry targeting, and Experian monitoring.

    Price: $99.99 per month plus $99 initial fee + sales taxes where applicable

    Clean Slate. Includes services from the Credit Polish and Credit Remodel packages plus: unlimited inaccurate report challenges per dispute cycle.

    Price: $119.99 per month plus $195 initial fee + sales taxes where applicable


    • Online Account to Track Progress

    • Free Credit Evaluation

    • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


    • Monthly Fee is Substantial

    • Results May Take up to 6 Months

    Credit Saint


    Lexington Law

  • Best for:

    Legal Expertise

    Lexington Law

  • Best for Legal Expertise

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    • Assistance from Legal Professionals

    • Bureau Challenges

    • Credits Interventions

    Lexington Law has a long history of helping to repair credit, having launched in 2004. The credit repair company consists of a team of lawyers and their knowledge of the law gives the firm more credibility and experience.

    To start, the company offers a free consultation and they provide a three-question survey for prospective clients. If they answer yes to any questions, the client is a good candidate for the service. The company is up-front about the individuals who most benefit from their service, namely those who require the removal of a negative item from their credit report.

    Lexington Law offers three plans: the Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus. The Concord Standard plan is the least expensive and most basic service. It ramps up to the Premier Plus plan. Let's explore each in more detail.

    Concord Standard. Services included in the Lexington Law Concord Standard plan are: Bureau Challenges and Creditor Interventions. The Concord Standard plan is a very basic service at a high fee, however, the client has access to legal professionals whose experience could be invaluable.

    Price: $89.95 per month.

    Concord Premier. Includes the services from the Concord Standard Plan, plus: Inquiry Assist, Score Analysis, ReportWatch, and TransUnion Alerts.

    Price: $109.95 per month.

    Premier Plus. Includes the services from the Concord Standard and Concord Premier plans plus: cease and desist letters, FICO score tracker, Identity Protection and personal finance tools.

    Price: $129.95 per month.


    • Legal experts provide the service

    • Discounts available

    • Easy to determine who is a good candidate for the service


    • Takes six months to see results

    • Alerts only come from TransUnion

    • Results are not guaranteed

    Lexington Law



  • Best for:

    Free Score Analysis


  • Best for Free Score Analysis

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    • Free consultation

    • Free trial

    • Free recommended credit solution

    CreditRepair.com boasts an impressive resume of helping clients. It first launched in 2012 and has made good use of technology. From the start, it's website is clean, crisp, and user-friendly. Since 2012, the company has removed 7.5 million issues from their client's credit reports, administered 23 million disputes and challenges, and initiated over one million interventions on behalf of their clients.

    Their process places a focus on challenging negative items with the bureaus, disputing negative items, and monitoring client credit reports.

    In addition, they place a heavy focus on educating their clients on the topics of credit reports, reporting, and improving credit. In their Credit Education section, they address the basics of credit reporting, disputing negative items, rebuilding credit, improving credit, and offer credit advice.

    The company provides a subsection to credit management for lowering mortgage interest rates, managing student loans, hardship programs, and cutting high interest rate credit cards.

    Like other credit repair companies, CreditRepair.com also offers three plans. They include: Direct, Standard, and Advanced.

    Direct. Services included in the CreditRepair.com Direct plan are: Bureau challenges, inquiry assists, and goodwill interventions.

    Price: $69.95 per month plus $69.95 first work fee

    Standard. Includes services from Direct plan plus: FICO® Score Inquiry Assist service.

    Advanced. Includes services from Direct and Standard plans plus: additional bureau challenges, monthly score updates, additional credit interventions,, and cease and desist interventions.

    Price: $119.95 per month plus $119.95 first work fee


    • Try before you buy

    • Access to personal finance education tools


    • Takes six months to see results

    • Initial fee is relatively expensive



    Sky Blue Credit

  • Best for:


    Sky Blue Credit

  • Best for Value

    Visit Site
    • No upfront fees

    • Couples discounts

    • Unique service provided

    Sky Blue Credit repair company runs their program differently from the others. They charge a flat fee for their service. Plus, they allow clients to try before committing to the service. The company has 30 years of experience under its belts. It explains why their process is straightforward.

    The company takes pride in its faster 35-day cycle, all-inclusive service package and flexible payment plan that includes pausing service. In addition, Sky Blue Credit offers a condition-free refund policy, education center, and stellar customer service.

    For individuals who have doubts about working with a credit repair company, a free consultation is available to them by phone. If the individual likes what they hear, they begin the enrollment process.

    First, fill out the online form. Next, the service receives the customer's credit reports. Their team goes over the reports line by line. They start identifying questionable entries from the beginning. The team also starts identifying opportunities to improve the individual's credit score and report. They identify credit rebuilding opportunities too.

    In addition to offering a flat-fee program, the plan includes several benefits such as: no upgrade charges, no piggy-back charges, flexible payments and an anytime cancellation policy.

    The plan includes the following services: professional, expert analysis and dispute identification, 15 disputed items every 35 days, score assistance and education, credit rebuilding guidance, debt validation, goodwill letters, and finally cease and desist letters.

    Price: $79 per month plus $79 set up fee, $119 for couples per month plus $119 set up fee


    • One package

    • Short dispute cycle

    • Money Back Guarantee


    • Limited disputes per cycle

    • No ongoing credit monitoring service

    Sky Blue Credit


    Credit Pros

  • Best for:

    Fastest Service

    Credit Pros

  • Best for Fastest Service

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    • Variety of plans

    • Free credit evaluation

    • 90 day money-back guarantee

    The Credit Pros credit repair company is another one driven by artificial intelligence. Their services are efficient. They also add value for their clients by offering educational opportunities.

    Right off the bat, the credit repair service flexes its muscles. The company points out that it has successfully serviced over 100,000 clients over 10 years. It highlights that its solutions receive power from AI.

    This credit repair company offers: simple to read credit reports, personalized score insights, tools and tips that provide education, strategies for future credit decisions, and credit monitoring services.

    While other companies add fees for premium services, The Credit Pros include several in their packages. The packages are Money Management, Prosperity Package, and the Success Package.

    Clients of The Credit Pros receive: 1. IDCover to protect from Identity Theft. 2. Credit Sentry to monitor your credit and alert you of changes. 3. CreditRepoair.ai to programmatically repair your credit. 4. Cash Rules to help you manage your finances.

    The benefits don't stop there. They continue with premium services without an additional cost including: One-on-one planning, ID theft restoration & insurance, 24/7 access to their client portal, debt validation letters, and monthly planning with unlimited dispute letters.

    Money Management. The basic plan includes: CreditSentry, IDCover and CashRules

    Price: $49 a month

    Prosperity Package: Inlcudes the services from Money Management Plan and: Access to Slash Rx, credit restoration with the three bureaus, snowball and avalanche debt system, TCP legal network, and debt validation letters.

    Price: $119 a month

    Success Package. Includes all the services and benefits of the previous tiers in addition to: access to Hutton Chase Department store line of credit and Reporting to Experian and Transunion.

    Price: $149 a month


    • Provides expanded services

    • Artificial Intelligence enhanced process


    • High fees

    • Takes six months for results

    • Relatively expensive

    Credit Pros


    Ovation Credit Services

  • Best for:

    Cancellation Policy

    Ovation Credit Services

  • Best for Cancellation Policy

    Visit Site
    • Free Consultation

    • 30 day money-back guarantee

    • Associated with LendingTree

    Ovation Credit Services by Lending Tree offers a complete package.

    In addition to their credit repair services, they provide credit education and credit monitoring. They have the best cancellation policy. If a customer doesn't see results, the company immediately refunds the fee for the month. Other companies make clients wait 90 days.

    The cancellation policy is only one reason why Ovation Credit Services ranks among the credit repair companies.

    Individuals who have experienced problems with their credit report and candidates for this company's services. They believe that the first step toward improving a credit report is to fix any problems it currently has; it starts with improving the individual's credit.

    This credit repair company has three focus areas: Identify and correct credit report errors, provide credit education and tools, and monitoring the customer's credit.

    Founded in 1976 and incorporated in 2004, the company has helped correct over one million credit reports. They average 19 corrections per client. Even though the services come in a package, there is plenty of room customization. Ovation emphasizes that a person's credit score impacts their ability to borrow. Their approach takes four steps.

    First, a company credit specialist analyses the customer's credit report. They also look over the customer's financial background. The goal is to match the client with the appropriate program.

    Next, the customer signs up for an account. The account gives the client access to a case advisor. This begins the process and the Dispute Manager. The Manager goes through the credit reports and identifies areas that require resolution.

    As the Manager does its job, the client can remain at ease that their case is receiving the necessary attention. The process of correcting inaccuracies begins.

    Lastly, the client receives access to their account online. By setting up an account, they can check the progress 24/7. Simply log into the Case Management website. In addition, the client receives email notifications.

    Plan features include: affordable customizable services, same-day service, one-on-one customer services, and personalized dispute options. There are two plans, Essential and Essential Plus

    Essentials. This plan includes: personalized dispute options, access to a Case Advisor, and Financial Management Tools.

    Price: $79 per month plus $89 first work fee

    Essentials Plus. Essentials Plus includes the Essentials Services and: Unlimited challenge validation letters, unlimited goodwill letters, recommendation letter from Ovation and TransUnion credit monitoring.

    Price: $109 per month plus $89 first work fee


    • Easy cancellation

    • Proven track record

    • Backed by a well known brand


    • Results may take 6 months

    • Relatively expensive service

    • Only TransUnion monitoring

    Ovation Credit Services


    Credit Karma

  • Best for:

    Free Service

    Credit Karma

  • Best for Free Service

    Visit Site

    Credit Karma launched in March 2008. The company's goal always revolved around giving consumers free access to their credit report data. The founders believed that consumers could make better financial decisions if they understand their financial information.

    Things went well for the Credit Karma team. In 2011, they launched their Approval Odds tool. Based on their credit score and report, members could see whether or not lenders might approve them for an array of credit cards.

    In 2012, the credit monitoring service launched its daily monitoring services and iOS mobile app. The following year, the company expanded into financial monitoring and tracking. As the credit monitoring service continued to gain credibility, more credit bureaus formed partnerships with them.

    Credit Karma added its error reporting feature in 2015, Direct Dispute™. In 2017, the service makes it possible to file taxes for free with Credit Karma Tax™.

    Among the several benefits of using Credit Karma, there are two disadvantages. These are the Ads that appear throughout and that they do not report on FICO score.

    Instead of reporting the individual's FICO score, the service offers VantageScore, which combines reporting from Equifax and TransUnion.


    • Free service

    • Expanded services such as Direct Dispute


    • Ads

    • No FICO score reporting

    Credit Karma

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